Quality care and positive clinical outcomes are essential for the patients you serve and for the success of your medical facility.

Rural and Critical Access Hospitals face numerous challenges, one of which is difficulty in recruiting and retaining specialists. Without adequate access to specialty care, up to twenty percent of patients will bypass local rural hospitals for distant tertiary care facilities.

By partnering with New England Telemedicine your patients will have access to multiple specialists in their own community and your institution may retain otherwise lost revenue.

Seamless Medical Technology and Benefits for Your Facility
  • Credentialed, active membership in your facility's medical staff; our specialists serve as medical directors in their respective field for a small annual stipend.
  • Delivery of full-spectrum outpatient services and patient monitoring from the initial visit through routine follow-up and beyond.
  • We rent office space from your facility to keep patients close and further boost facility revenue.
  • Improved patient retention rates mean greater profits to your facility. We keep care local.
  • On-site testing and diagnostics increase your ancillary revenue.
  • Software integration with your existing network by our third party technology firm allows a seamless technological experience.
  • Reduced patient travel results in higher patient satisfaction rates.
  • Potential for increased CMS incentive payments from meaningful use adherence.
New England Telemedicine is committed to providing your medical staff and patients with quality specialty care.

It is our pleasure to join with your staff not as a secondary network but as members of your medical community- collaborating, reviewing and treating patients in an efficient team environment.

New England Telemedicine is actively pursuing JCAHO accreditation, and is a member of the New England Telehealth Consortium.

Contact us today to find out more.

Coming Soon:

Home Telehealth. With the introduction of this program, at-risk patients will receive daily high touch services from our team nurses to reduce readmissions of your sickest patients.


Specialties we provide
cardiology neurology sleep medicine endocrinology pulmonaryWe are recruiting additional specialists so please check back soon.
to find out more about how New England Telemedicine can help the patients you treat each day.
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